Have you wondered how to bring your ideas to life?

Art meets Engineering.

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a drone like this.

An idea can be..

a satellite like this.


or maybe..


or even..

a car like


We made it happen for our clients and partners.

> Orlando, USA

Karlsruhe, Germany <

> Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden <

San Francisco, USA <

> Melbourne, Australia


Now lets make your plans come true.


How you ask?


This is how.

Step 1. 

Share with us your 

idea + vision 

Step 2. 

Tell us which services you will need

Step 3. 

We will process them

Step 4. 

See the Magic


Our Amazing Services. Just for You.

3D Design and Engineering.

We develop your idea and shape it in 3D space using Engineering development tools such as 3D CAD designing, CFD Flow analysis or Structural analysis. 

Photorealistic Rendering.

If you already have a 3D design but need an elegant solution to showcase it, we will help you with Rendered animations and pictures.

Identity Branding.

We develop branding materials in the digital space for upcoming start-ups. Such as logo designs, brochures, posters and vector art.


Our Story.

We are a Design Studio with Co-Founders based in Germany and France. With a team comprising of Aerospace Engineers, we support visionaries and start-ups to visualise their idea. 

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Claire • CruiseAder


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Art meets Engineering.

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